This looks really cool. Apropo of nothing. Just saw it. Especially like the random entry thingy.
Went to Dunn Brothers last night and sat with my laptop and worked through the first full example of the chess book The Amateur’s Mind. I was feeling confined at home. In-laws visiting. But damn it, also my day off and want to get the most of that too.

Played a game of chess with Liam. We cleared the board, down to pawns and bishops and knights, and he mated me. I think that was the first time he mated anyone. He kept saying he had a plan, and that was it, and he saw it a few moves ahead. Spectacular.
I have had a bee in my bonnet for playing chess since I was a kid, though never was successful. I have loved the idea of chess, but the reality has been another matter. But I think I can file it with other interests and keep chipping away at it.
Ironic. I am not very good, but perhaps that is just perfect for getting Liam going. My memory as a kid of dealing with adults with chess was that they were invincible. Not very encouraging. If my status helps in getting him interested, great.
Looked at the pictures in the New York Times website about the devastation of the tidal wave. Mass graves filled with drowned children, grieving parents. Thinking of course of the couple from church whose daughter drowned this fall. Incredible intensity multiplied thousands, millions of times.