I did the whole thing at the Y–stretched, lifted, ellipticalled, saunaed, and I would have swum but the pool was open swimming.

The inner aspect of my right eye has been bothering me for several days now. Feels like it is dry. Started putting some pretty oily, viscous eye drops on it yesterday. (With Dorothea’s help.)
Hope that the children got enjoyment out of Christmas. Madeline says she hates Christmas–too much envy and unfulfilled expectations, I imagine.
Mark and Monica came and stayed the night last night. Their kid really does get up every two hours. Seven months old? Loves banging on the piano.
Yesterday we drove to visit my mom. Green Mill brunch. She liked it; Madeline hates brunches we found out when we got there and found out it was a brunch.
Dorothea and Madeline bought her a floor lamp. She’s been complaining about how dark her apartment is since she moved in. This is her second Christmas there. And Liam and I took her grocery shopping.
Ironic reality. Still talking about her ninetieth birthday gathering. A nephew and a niece, both 70, have since died. She’s still going strong.
Saturday, Christmas Day, was dinner at Mary’s house. Her new boyfriend and his dog were there too. They both seemed nice enough.
Dorothea and I worked out at the Y together on Christmas Eve and had a late breakfast together. We also managed a long-ish walk. Maybe that was on Christmas Day.
Oh yeah. And Christmas Eve was the Unitarian’s Christmas pageant. Two performances in the afternoon. Our kid’s were in the children’s choir, which besides doing a little singing from the choirloft, processed up the aisle of the darkened church, each holding a candle. The Unis have turned Liam onto matches and candles!
Afterwards, we had dinner and a bottle of wine at the Mai Village, a newer Vietnamese restaurant at University and Dale. Very pleasant. Everyone seemed satisfied. I ordered desert–I rarely order desert–because I was enchanted by our charming waitress’s description of the Fruit blossom as having a “secret recipe.”
I have signed up to play correspondence chess on a site called gameknot. I have six games going and have lost the only game that I have completed. Hope to stick with it long enough to get a ranking. My goal is to get a 1300. That will be challenging and may take monthes.
Also started chipping away at setting up a new blog. PHP, XML compliant, all that stuff.
Using the Linux side of my laptop quite a bit, though not exclusively. And I still have the Java book out. Hey, how about raising a family? Oh boy.