Solstice. A bit of snow. Cold. ten degrees fahrenheit. Windy. Winter. Mantra that came to me this moring and is still with me:cry’n and try’n; lie’n and die’n. Don’t know what it means.

Very discouraged with work. Seems like I have a lot of good work that is going after bad in that the vendor isn’t delivering the obvious stuff. Nothing I can do about it?
Dorothea’s solstice party was a success. Mostly women and their children. There was a French intern from the school and I were the only guys. That is always good. People brought great food, I made martinis, and spent quite a lot of time outside by the fire. Cold and windy, but real and pleasant, in a winter kind of way.
Oh yeah, and we got a little bit of snow. And it’s cold enough that the snow will stay.