Find a phone booth

Find a phone booth is the anthem, the bumper sticker, of the morning. It was added to the sauna conversation by the jazz guitarist.

Somehow the conversation had turned to cell phones. I think it after I said that I worked at a bank as a bureaucratic and did things like help make it possible for people to recharge their cell phone minutes at an ATM.
To which the questioner responded, first, “That’s nice,” and then that she didn’t have a cell phone. We were talking about how stupid and annoying people are with cell phones.
She said the worst was when she sees a mom talking on a phone and obviously ignoring her kids. She liked the story of the retired guy in the White Bear Lake Subway sandwich shop how got fed up listening to a guy in line shouting obscenities into a cell. So the retiree got up and tried to grab the phone out of the guy’s hand. Then, he said later, he realized that had been a bad idea. So he let go. The obscene cell phone shouter went sprawling across the floor.
The sauna non-cell phone owner said she’d like to maybe have a card instead.
That’s when the guitarist spoke up. “Find a phone booth.” I think that is brilliant because phone booths are an endangered species and are increasingly difficult to find.

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  1. Just a thought about phonebooths.. Do you have enough money to talk in one..? How much does it cost anyway? So you want a message.. do you respond back to people as well.
    Mr. D wants messages indeed. I like phonebooths too.

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