Rock and roll hoochie-coo

I posted for ten days in a row. And actually I feel good that I was able to break the string. I am (somewhat?) obsessive and compulsive. And this morning, I didn?t go to the Y. It?s the first weekday morning in quite awhile for that too.

Also, I have started drinking tea. What is helpful for that is the watercooler/waterheater at work. Right now I have some Tazo Black Tea. As I remember it, caffeinated tea way better for you than coffee.
Madeline has typed up a two-page Christmas list. One page is for me and the other is for Dorothea. Cute?she asks for a visit from ?baby Louis,? her cousin.
Liam and I had a tussle about a sheet of multiplication problems that he was supposed to do. Eventually, he retreated to playing his Game Boy while I watched Crossroads, a Public Television, fundraising week Great Performances barnburner with Eric Clapton and other blues and rock guitarists. Finally, we sat down and got through them just before bed. And they weren?t that bad, and he still likes math. Definitely stubborn about multiplication though.
I had a massage at 4:30 at Sister Rosalind?s. The form that you fill out asks questions like ?Where does it hurt?? (lower back) and ?Do you want us to pray with you?? (no). Ann, the masseuse, commented afterward that she spent a lot of time working on my hamstrings, finally got them to loosen up a bit, and then, when she went to work on my calves, watched the previously loosened-up hamstrings immediately tighten. Oh well.