A long day of tea

Our children?s former violin teacher, who just had twins, was talking about another woman from her “multiples class” who’d hired a woman, a nanny, to come and help. This nanny was apparently somewhat of a celebrity, and was know as the “Baby Whisperer.” There was just an obituary in the New York Times for such a woman. Same person?

I was all set this morning with the paraphernalia to not stop at Nina’s this morning. Old habits die hard. I have a shopping bag with an omelet and a salad, and the makings for coffee and tea–the teabags, the ground coffee, the one-cup filter thing.
Plus I have blogged everyday for awhile and it is probably time to take a break. Work is going to get busy again, and my host is going to upgrade me to Moveabletype 3.11. Here I am again though, at Nina’s.
I still had the camera in my coat pocket from yesterday when Dorothea and I walked over to where the Summit Avenue lamppost had been blown over. (By the time we got there, the city had already been by to pick it up. We were stunned.)
So anyway I thought I could get a picture of the lit cathedral dome and the Christmas lights in the trees. But just then a car pulled up, and I waited for it to go away figuring its headlights would be no good, and by the time I was ready to take the picture, the tree lights had gone out. I tried the shot down Sebly towards St. Paul instead. In background are the buildings of downtown.
They seem short we’re on a hill as we look at them. The big “1st” sign marks the ancestoral home of the bank I work for. Just below that is “St. Paul Travelers” a large insurance company. It has been subpoenaed by New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.