Hack Yourself

My path to Hack Yourself led through several links. It started with the link on my Blog Roll to All the Pages are My Days. On his Blog Roll is the site for Ben Hammersley. He has a link for the person who designed his page, Ronan Spoor. And Ronan Spoor has a link to 43 Folders. And there was this entry.

A couple of things–I left a comment on 43 Folders about how Hack Yourself made me think of Brenda Ueland and her book If You Want to Write. Well, I am writing, so I think that I am following her advice! Brenda lives.
The other is that I got the idea for this post sometime ago, but was distressed to note the absence of the little URL button om my Moveabletype edit page. Now it looks like the editing buttons are available in Internet Explorer, but not Firefox. That was a distressing process.

One thought on “Hack Yourself”

  1. D.
    Well is this a bad taste of Jamba Juice non-alcoholic wheatgrass chaser photo? Do you look worried that your intestinal track may retaliate on you?
    Peace and wheat grass to ya
    I won’t try it straight ever now..

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