Sleeping in

Slept in this morning, and it was wonderful. The four days off around Thanksgiving were reastful. But I don’t have the juice for the job. Now it is just a job.

[tech rant] Played with the Gentoo Linux on my laptop. Didn’t quite get to the WINE. there are other more serious issues. I did start playing with the GIMP, trying some different filters and scripts, playing with layering. But to work with photos that are on my other PC, I need to mount the SMB connection, and I have to be root to do that, and for some reason Gentoo as I have it installed doesn’t let me switch to SU. So that is a serious limitation.
I also got KDE going, but that is kind of funky too. Took Gentoo twelve hours to install it. And there were directions about the USE variable as Step 1 which I ignored and went right on to Step 2. Now, instead of KDE starting up nicely when I log in, I have to do startx from a terminal, and it is pretty ugly.
I ordered a free Ubunto or however it is spelled CD. Will try that when it comes.