Things have been pretty mellow so far. I got up around 6:00 and was thinking of taking a walk, but it just seemed to cold. Had breakfast and looked at the ad-laden newspaper instead.

Have been taking care of some odds and ends. Last night got re-configured in Photoworks, uploaded a family photo from our trip to Seattle last March, and ordered 50 Christmas cards with that photo.
I fired up the Linux partition on the laptop. Haven’t really looked at the much since I got back from France. I kicked off the install of the Microsoft Windows-like KDE, a graphical user interface. That is pretty slow, and looks like it might take all day.
Sat down at Nina’s yesterday morning after the Y, and was all set to get my deepest thoughts out, when I saw that all of my entries were missing. This had probably stemmed from the synchronization that I had done between my computer and Palm earlier in the morning. Guess the lession is don’t try to synch before you take a shower.
Dorothea has a wonderful Catholic liturgical catalog that she got in the mail. Consumerism at its most ironic. “Sport Rosaries”–soccer, baseball, football themes–you name it. St. Anthony Golf balls–“The balls you’ve always wanted.” Too much.

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  1. oh, we don’t get thanksgiving in australia so i can never remember when it is! ends up that the only things i know about it are the turkeys. 🙂

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