Celine I got your email and responded. If you don’t get that email, leave a comment here on the blog for me.

Out of bed at 5:30. At the Y at 6:00. Lifted weights for the first time since October 29, according to my chart. I think I have come through an intense period of work that lasted about two months. Reinforcements have arrived. They’ve taken over, but ce la vie.
Dorothea returned with the children from her family’s Christmas gathering. She was beat. Issue were a contingent who wanted overt Christian trappings–prayers, Bible readings. Another issue was that some brought a PlayStation and was playing violent games and exposing childern to them. Everyone seems to have different standards.
D. said that it is a tough thing for an introvert. Amen to that. And that maybe next year she’ll just do one night instead of two. I suggested maybe we could tag-team it next year-I’ll do the first night, she the second night.
As for myself, I went to my mother’s, getting there about 4:00 on Saturday. Took her to the grocery store and showed the pictures on the laptop of her 90th birthday gathering and of Madeline’s and my trip to France. She seemed a lot better than the last time that I saw her. She did go in to get re-examined for hearing aids and will have two starting sometime in early December.
There is a Shouts and Murmurs in the latest New Yorker where the writer is playing the role of being a one-person charity/public service. Her tone went a long way towards how I feel about bkogging. I have to get some excerpts of that.