D’oh moment

Confronting limitations has been the theme lately. Just last night, I was to drive to the in-laws pre-Christmas gathering after work and join my family there. They had left earlier in another car. But not long after I got home, Dorothea called me from the cellphone, and said that I should wait until the morning to go. It was dark and raining. The headlights and the glare would not have been pleasant for me. True enough.

The project that I have had for quite awhile at the bank has been dismembered by other groups. I did not have the power to hold it together. I am buffeted by the straining of others.
Vision and brain–a couple of days ago had an eye examine. Always for me for my entire life that has been very sobering.
Had to laugh last Monday. Both Madeline and Liam are in after-school programs that day–drama and chorus, respectively. I got a call from Dorothea. The school had called her and said that Liam had gotten on the bus, meaning he’d forgotten about after-school chorus.
We chuckled, wondering when he’d be hit with the “D’oh” moment. Turned out not til after he’d gotten on the bus san Madeline and his neighbor classmate who was also in chorus, not til after he’d gotten home to locked door and a neighbor we’d called intercepted him and told him. So there was not even a “D’oh” moment.
But then I had my own D’oh moment a two days later. I had my eye appointment that I had inadverently scheduled on Wednesday morning–and D. has been working on Wednesday mornings and I need to be home to get the children on the bus. So I was late for that and drove them to school instead. (Which they didn’t mind.) But I shared my D’oh moment with Liam.