Linux on the laptop in the brown lazyboy in the bedroom

The intensity burst at work today. The project that I have been working on got shifted to another group. So now what I have to get done is difficult, not impossible. And it left me with mixed feelings. What was just mine is now belonging to someone else. That is hard, to give something up. But it is also the case that the person that was causing me the most grieve now has the most work, so there may be poetic justice in it all.

Whipch perversely leads me to the title. I put a ton of effort into getting Linux to work on my laptop in September, and worked on it very hard right up til leaving for France. But, since the trip, haven’t really even looked at it.
And it has been a long time since I have used my laptop’s wireless capabilities and sat anywhere but at the diningroom table and been plugged in with a network cable and power cord.
But that is I guess my point. It took a huge event to reshuffle my deck. So now I am back. Instead of pursuing the sterile, empty pursuit of corporate America’s needs, I think now I can put that in a better perspective and move on.
Don’t know how to talk about it in more detail. When I talk to Dorothea about work, she glazes over. And there is all that corporate privacy and trade secret stuff as well. I still have to process it all. I think it is a good thing, but it doesn’t feel like it yet.