Coffee News Cafe Election Nigh Bingo

Coffee News Cafe. One could come here on Tuesday and play election night bingo. I stopped at Macalaster to use the ATM. The elitism and opulence, as I perceive it, still gives me the creeps. And the beginning of that journey was Saturday morning Tai Chi. That’s the third or fourth time that I’ve got to this year. Left after the stretching. Still haven’t got up the steam to stay for the forms. I am here instead.

I may also, if I remember, stop to get a haircut. I am due–it is a cross-quarter day. Halloween falls on a cross-quarter day, which is the day halfway between the equinox and solstice. May Day and Groundhog Day are also cross quarter days. The Druids marked Halloween as the beginning of winter and May Day as the beginning of summer.
But what a weird time it has been. The man who lives across the street came over to say that his father died. A former co-worker came over to my cube yesterday with a bad management story. Can’t do details. It has been a weird, long, intense week at work.
Suddenly, I arge crowd is lined up. Women in black–batwoman, witch, vampire.
The neighbor’s father died. The father was 95. Maybe he could let go because the Red Sox won the World Series. Few people lived to see both the 1918 and 2004 victories. My mother and aunt, for instance, were four and nine respectively and are ninety and ninety-five now. What–millions of people? hundreds of thousands?