Sorting through the mail this morning, looking for an unmark

Sorting through the mail this morning, looking for an unmarked envelop
to do a PIN reset, I came upon the TCFM Newsletter, and found therein
excerpts from members’ blogs. And I just emailed the listed contact
saying that I’d like my blog featured, too.

Then I thought, well, I’d best follow these local Quaker bloggers–
from my own meeting, for Christ’s sake! Going to the Google Reader, I
noted that what I am currently following is the following:
Maine Owl
Shower of Blessings

Though of course I haven’t used the Reader in ages. But maybe I will
start again. Here’s the new — all on blogspot:

Thegoodraisedup Isthereanyoneelseupthere

And also added Slippery Matters for good measure.

I am in the tub, hoping to not get electrocuted. This morning, I sat
for ninety minutes at Common Ground. Finally figured that place out a
bit. Next, surviving the tub, we go to find be washing machine. Whoop!