Home. Settling in after returning from trip. One memory, the bad side of traveling, was the sitting in the back of airplanes and the smell of the lavatory. The confinement, the hours of close proximity with so many people.

Yesterday Dorothea and the children and two of Dorothea’s sisters went to Little Falls for the 50th anniversary of their paternal aunt, the last surviving sibling from their father’s side of the family. So I was able to collapse and drift and that is what I think I needed. Went out to drop-off Madeline’s film to get developed, and later to picking up. Watched the Red Sox and the Cardinals in Game 1 of the World Series until I couldn’t stay awake anymore, which was about 8:30 pm or the third inning.
The bank balance, which I looked at for the first time since returning, hasn’t been hit too badly yet, though not all the charges have come through, most notably the hotel bills.
I was devastated yesterday while I was showing Dorothea my pictures. She asked if I had pictures of Celine’s house and family. I said no. And she expressed huge disappointment. I very much felt like I had failed.
I still am not sure why that didn’t work out, except that Celine probaby drove us from the rental car pickup to the chambre d’hote where we most llikely unloaded the car, including our cameras, before driving over to her house. I think I should be able to ask Celine to send us some pictures.