I am in Paris, at an internet c?fe, trying to type on a keyboard layout of qa kind that I don’t know. Suddenly, I am tired and hungry. My brain is taxed, tapped out with trying to adapt.

M. is doing the Champs Elysee with her friends whose visit to Paris overlaps with ours. I had the girls yesterday. We went to the Jardin Luxembourg, the Louvre, and Notre Dame. We all bought Metro tickets and that is how we got around. I think that they were getting the hang of it.
We all went out to eat Sunday night. It was a bit difficult finding an open place. It is my dqughter’s classmate, mother, and aunt. The mom just loves to go out and walk, walk, walk. Her sister I don’t think is as enthusiastic a pedestrian; rather, the sister wants to get places and get things done. So, last night, Sunday night, after we had walked quite a ways before finding a restaraunt, she was a bit put out that it was actually close to the hotel.
I have brought my laptop and have been trying to get it to work. The power adapter that I bought at Radio Shack before I left is not powerful enough for the computer. So I have been searching for an adapter. It is this search that has shaped my visit. I was quite focused on an Office Max that I found. In fact I went there on Sunday with the girls; We found it, which was cool, but it was closed. Went there again today, but alas they didn’t have an adapter.
I’ve got to start heading back and my time is running out.

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  1. Hey, thought I’d check your blog to see how you and Madeline are doing. Glad you made it over OK. I’m assuming your accomodations are good. sounds like you’re having a good time. Tell everyone “hi” from me and that I wish I could be there, too. I have a call in to Dorothea and Liam to come to dinner tomorrow eveing, but haven’t heard back yet. Have fun! Safe trip home………. Martha

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