Bringing your home to work

Went into work on a Saturday morning hoping to get some work done. So here I am sitting in my cube. (Currently waiting for a file to download.) And I have to laugh or smile or whatever. Someone else also came into work this morning ans is over yonder in another cube. But that guy brought his kids; eight-year old boy of which is running laps, periodically passing my cube.

So I find it ironic that I leave home and come to the office to not be distracted and then get distracted at the office becuase someone else has brought is home. Oh well. Actually good–makes me want to get out of here.
Went to the ATM to get cash and then went to the cafeteria, wondering if there would be a change machine there. There is. And it takes $20 bills. But it gives dollar coins. Which is wild. So there I am descending into the world of cafeteria vending machines with sandwiches and candy bars and pieces of pie and stuff. I got an orange juice.