Tenth and Nebraska 9/30

Tenth and nebraska. The office building where I am now–the aisles are “streets”–numbered or named after states–the states where US Bank was when it was it’s original First Bank self. So, there is a Minnesota, Montana, and Nebraska, but no Missouri.

I finally got to talk to Monty the new boss. He’s under pressure, or at least gives off that sense. Always does. But the project that I have been working on, sort of in a bubble, suddenly has a deadline. Bastards. Or as he said, it always did have a deadline, I just didn’t know about it.
I went back to my new cubicle after dinner. Dorothea accepted taking the children to their music lessons. She called me and said that she’d gotten a calll from Jeff H,, who was in town and to meet with him and others at the Malt Shop. “Garden Party”–with some of my old friends; blah-blah-blah–can’t please everyone so you’ve got to please yourself. Seemed better than when I saw mostly the same people under mostly the same circumstances last summer. I guess I like sitting around a restaurant table better than being in a park. Tony–we should get together. Well, yes we should, though I feel like I made that effort when I first came to the city and either/or a) didn’t like the results; b) felt like my efforts weren’t reciprocated.
So there. Do I have a chip on my shoulder? Probably, though I never have understood what that meant.
‘Weigh milestone: in the teens. Been over a year since I’ve been at this weight. Celebrated by having a breakfast burrito.