New life

Grumpy kids getting up in the morning. This is a side of things that I am usually spared. M. got up first, which is unusual. She got to yell at L. to get him up. Being home at this time of morning allowed me to make a omelette, have some coffee that D. made before heading off on the bus and the train. Think about Paris, looking at a city map, looking at a map of the Metro, and thinking: this is the sort of place that I should live–a grand city with extensive mass transit.

I have been playing around with the laptop, trying to get it to run as a dualboot with Linux. I found a Linux distribution that is tailored to my laptop, which sounds great. But I have working on it since September 16, and still not luck.
Interesting experience…I signed up and posted to a forum for a group of users with my model laptop and who’re running this distribution of Linux, and I have gotten only one reply saying I wasn’t clear–fair enough, but that was only after quite awhile, and even after I made an attempt to be clearer, no responses.