first day on the job

first day on the job at the new location. Kind o f a long day. D. gets so focused. I agree that things need to get done, but I am not on her level of focus. She finished painting the shed floor with the prescribed oil-based paint, which I think gives my problems–breathing, sneezing. And she did the high work of paointing and scraping above the frontporch by actually getting on the frontporch roof, something I would never do.

I compensated, somewhat I hope, with installing the new, outdoor light for the frontporch, and replacing the outside cover for the dryer vent.
I would have proceeded with the grass, too, but we got Madeline to do the mower–a first.
The funny thing about the dryer vent that I replaced is that isn’t where the dryer is vented. D. said she has felt aircoming out of there. Wasn’t until this morning that I realized it’s the vent for the downstairs bathroom.
I totally destroyed it, old, brittle, already crack plastic, caulked on. Looked like an Andy job–Andy being the previous man of the house, who died there of something–cancer, respitory–in his seventies.
Another story of Erv, the ninety-one year-old who passed away last week. According to D,, Helen, the wife (a very spriy just-turned eighty) told Jean–the neighborhood news gatherer and deceminator–that Erv just stopped eating. Had something going on in the alzthiemer’s brain, no? At one point, he fell to the floor; Helen couldn’t get him up, so she just covered him with a hlanket where he lay. Then they brought in a hospice bed for him.
Open house at the renovated house two doors down the other way. Asking price:$465,000. Kind of made it as much of a McMansion on the inside as they could. Looks nice, but has little to none of the character of an older home. The older home is just a shell. Liam an his buddies ended up going back in there throughout the afternoon to tank up on donuts and explore the nnooks, crannies, and hiding places.