News in the neighborhood that a man assaulted a twelve-year old girl started on Monday, then it was on the TV news last night, and finally in the newspaper today. Basically, it sucks having to worry about this kind of stuff. Not a brilliant response. But I suppose there is nothing new in this, happens all the time, all over the world.

And I suppose know is an appropriate time to recount the tale of how something terrible almost happened to my family fifty years ago, in the “good days.”
1952, and my mom is at home with her baby. A woman comes to the door and asks to use the phone. Of course, good old days being good old days, my mom lets her in. Something happens, like the woman makes some comment that disturbs my mother. She tells the woman that my dad, who worked third-shift, was asleep upstairs. The woman left. Later, it was learned that the woman had a gun in her purse and was trying to kidnap a baby.
Today is the big moving day at work. My group–actually my former group and I–are moving to one of the other big technology-operations centers in the metro area–Energy Park. I will go sit not with my former group but with my new boss’s boss. Oh well. Gotta look at it as an opportunity.
Have spent a week trying to get the X1000 distribution of Linux to run on my laptop as a dual-boot with XP. The date on the printout of the directions is September 16. Posted a question to the X1000 forum, but no one replied to my request for assistance. As of this morning, I have actually gotten everything to work up to GRUB booting the OS correctly, but I get a kernel panic, and the boot process stops. Oh well. So much for being obsessive.