Sleeping in

At home. Have to get the kids on the bus–Dorothea bused off to work in downtown Minneapolis at her Public Health job.
So this is the first week day in quite awhile–several weeks–that I haven’t gone to the Y in the morning. Sleeping in feels good.

The children should be automagically waking up, and indeed, I here the slam of the toilet seat. Theoretically, M.’s alarm should go off. I better go check.
Last night was television night for the children. Almost every night is, but Tuesday is Gilmore Girls of which Madeline is a huge fan. And Liam wanted to watch Holes.
Madeline was doing the watch television and simulateously do homework thing. Plus she did more homework after dinner. Several hours worth for sure. She said she was trying to get ahead because of here lessons tonight. I never had that sort of a sense of responsibility.
I still may not. D. called about 7:30. She had volunteered at the school and found out about another assignment for Liam. I said it was already too late, that I’d have him get to it tomorrow.
I told him about it when he came up at eight, and he went at it. He had to cut numbers out and paste them on a piece of paper. I got him some scissors, glue, and magazines. He was done by 8:30.
We got the obit yesterday for Erv, 91, who lived four doors down. Been here longer than anyone else. Came back from four years in North Africa and Europe and went work for the Rainbow Pie Company. (Love that.) Then worked until retirement with the post office. I only knew him as a demented guy crawling on his hands and knee around is yard, looking for cigar butts.