Looks like rain

Looks like rain. Did ab crunches on the aerobics ball, did the Roman chair, did some stretching, swam a couple of laps. Suffering addergiy attacks–day three. Going t hit the nasal spray again.

Last night went to Tai Chi for the first time in a long time. But at that, it was a close call. Suddenly, dorothea had bookclub, M. was going out to dinner with Rose, and it was $-Hnight. But then, hey, D. could go to 4-H and then to her bookclub. (Which was really going to the Vintage and drinking wine?)
Was fun helping Liam with his math. Chicago method, I think they call it. I think he plays dumb. The worksheet was about odometers. So we went out and looked at the reading on the van, then went for a little drive until it turned over 55,555.
Tried watching the Vikings on Monday night Football, but they were totally out done by the Philadelphi Eagles.