Oil-based paint

Frustrations of photography: I had the camera, I had the lighting, but the subject moved. I thought that it would be a nice shot to of the construction crane looming over the Y. But they have turned it such that the boom wasn’t visible. I was was when I came out, but the lighting was lost.

Minor frustrations of life. I needed–thought I needed, wanted–a Claritin this morning. dorothea, half-awake, hearing me sniffling, said the Claritin was–smoewhere, coulcn’t make it out. Sure enough, they were downstairs where they had been for the past week. “In the linen closet.” I dread that. It is actually pretty well organized, thanks to D.–but I can’t ever find anything in there. She actually got out of bed and looked in there herself and couldn’t find it. She wasn’t concerned and found a tablet somewhere else for me. But at the time I thought “this is my life.” I am the mouse whose cheese has been move.
Also got up about 1:00 am because on of the aluminum stormwindows was banging in the wind. Cursing and swearing, I couldn’t get it to come down. I would mind putting $1000 into getting those windows in our bedroom replaced.
I went at painting the floor of the shed on Saturday. Ran out of paint three quarters of the way through. Vile smell, the solvents. The basement, the whole house reeked. Madeline and I were both sneezing away.
D. and Liam went campling with Liz, her friend and her friend’s granddaughter, who is a year old than L. Apparently they had a grand time.
M. and I stayed behind because it was the first meeting of the Suzuki orchestra. While we were sitting in the hall of the old parochial school-now-music school, waiting for the orchestra rehearsal to start, we met W,, seventh grade boy, lugging a full-size, shiny green acrylic-looking cello case. I was impressed with the cello case. I was asking him about the orchestra, how old he was, where he went to school. Later, M. said she was surprised at how chatty I was. Anyway, seemed like a nice kid. He and M. bonded on talk of some music group–Black Eyed Peas?
Afterward, we went shopping for a new cellphone and had lunch.
Saturday night I went to Al’s house concert with Kevin Bowie and Mick Sterling. It was the annual outside concert. The band was crammed into Al’s garage. About eighty people were in chairs on the driveway.
Sunday was the M. first day of Sunday school with the Unies. That also seemed to go well. Just a large group of geeky, nerdy, nice kids. I don’t know about M’s take yet. But she survived. And there is certainly hope that she will find a more diverse social group than what was at the Quakers.