I have been reorged. Am in here pretty early. Didn’t sleep well last. But feel okay, running on aderalin I guess. Should make this my mothly, I-am-not-antidepressants-anymore check-in.

I guess that I feel like I am handling this reorg thing well, so far. So thumbs-up on the mental health thing.
All very sudden. Late yesterday afternoon, I heard my manager talking loudly on the phone. Didn’t know it at the time, but she was talking to her boss who was telling her that I was being re-assigned. The at about a little after four, just after some people left who’d been at my cube, she asked me to come into a conference room with her. And she told me. I was being send to the guy who had been bumprf rom being her boss to her peer didn’t have anyone working for him. Well, now I work fro him–again. Weird too, because it is because I am the only one that know anything about a new product from our vendor, a product that he now owns but doesn’t know anything about.
And M. is concerned about getting bumped to 5th grade math. Also, during our staff meeting earlier in the day, Val annouced that the two people that had been reporting to her from WA and OR were now reporting to Monty. I made a crack about that seems right. Haunting. And ironic, because it does sound right.
After talking to Val in the conference room, I called Connie, expressed my concerns. Her response was that I didn’t have a choice and that I needed to trust her.
Well I don’t like the idea of working for Monty. There is atigma, in my perception. But then who am I? I feel like I am just lucky to be there anyway. I am nnot the prime corporate specimen. And actually, I am excited, I do have ideas, and I do like doing the sort of stuff that I imagine this group will be doing.
So last night, still trying to get Linux to work acceptably as dualboot on my laptop, found a website for X1000 Linux. And there it is, a group that compiled a distro for my laptop. So I have been plugging away at that.
Now am hungry and antsy. I am going to drive to Energy Park and see if I can get in and wonder what it would be like to sit by Connie.