Not terribly interested in tortured self-commentaries (the Quakers at 11:00) and the St. Paul Unitarians can be awefully churchy (the choir, the minister in robes, the organ).

Today in the men’s lockerroo I suffered the downside of the communinality that the Y offers. Just too many naked men in too close proximity. I could get out of there fast enough.
Up late last night. I am oncall. My group at work is getting big enough that the weekly oncall rotation only comes around now once eleven weeks. And there are many new people who, though in Cincinnati, now work for a neighboring group. And it was from one of these guys that I got three or four pages last night. Can’t fault him, just that his questions and concerns wouldn’t have been an issue for a more experienced person.
On Saturday, Liam and I went to the zoo.
Have to remember that the other day at the Y these two fellows were chatting by the free weights. Turned out that the one guy had given CPR to the fellow having the heart attack. How’s that for accomplishing something for the day/
Back at the zoo. L. and I had a good time. We were there because I like the zoo and because I had coupons from my employer for half-off the fee.
He knows his way around the place because of all the school field trips that he has taken there. His number one favorite thing was rolling pennies down the cyclone things that they have for that very purpose.
We watched the feeding of the sharks, the dolphin show, rode the monorail, had lunch at Kalahari Cafe, walked the northern trail. The walking took some cajoling and had a lot of whining.
We stayed long enough that we were able to go to the Omni Theatre to see Spiderman 2. Even with $2 off per ticket, it still was $20, substantially more than a regular theater. It is a great to see a movie. One of my favorite things was that you could see a lone, long hair sticking out of Peter’s ear (when he’s not Spiderman). That happens to me periodically, noticing an errant hair–wow, where’d that come from?