St. Paul Classic

Lots to write about. don’t even know where to start. Let’s start with yesterday. Madeline and I did the 15-mile route of the St. Paul Classic. That was her first time. The logistics were amazing from my humble perspective. D. was going to ride with her sister for the full thirty mile route. So my suggestion was that M. and I level early and when we got back D. and her sister coulc take off. But there was still time where L. would be home alone. D. tried but couldn’t find anywhere for him to go. So, she called a neighbor, told em what was going on, and left Theresa’s cellphone with him. So that is a first, L. home alone.

M. was unenthusiastic about biking. She’d had a soccer practice on Friday evening for a new during school league. she wasn’t real happy about that either. And D. relayed how she’d gotten a call from M’s soccer-buddy’s mom saying that she was pretty sure her daughter was going to quit soccer in favor of swimming. So finally, on Saturday, we said to M. that if we let her quit soccer she’d have to go on the bike ride. And we agreed, sort of, that we’d leave about 8:30.
The next thing that happened to M. that she didn’t like was that I roused her out of bed at 7:30 sunday morning. Man. But once we got going, she seemed okay. she is a strong biker. Except for that damn Ramsey Hill that you have to go up when you do the half route. The Ramsey Hill is about the same slope and length as the Main Street hill in mankato. We used to have to walkup that hill to go to phy ed in grade school. And I was amazed at how many people there were walking their bikes up the hill. I thought more would ride up.
I had the camera and was taking snapshots as we rode. Kind of a new deal for me, photography while in motion on a bike. Just as we made the turn to Summit Avenue near the Science Museum I saw that the camera’s mode was set to “movie” and that the battery was dead. So at home watching those clips of movies with the camera up, down, pointing here, there, ant the road, my face, inadvertently, was a motion-sickness inducing experience. I was have to use Microsoft Movie editor to get clips out of that.
then the next thing to do that the children didn’t like was the first day of Sunday school with the Unitarians. Making it there at 11:00 was the reason that I only did the fifteen. Boy they were pissing and whining and moaning and complaining. But they got a reprieve in that the first day isn’t really until next Sunday. so I just filled out forms and talked to three different take-care-things-Unitarian women who each told me something slightly different. But we got it done.

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  1. I enjoyed your story of the Classic. This is the first year (in the last 6) that I had to ride alone (I did the whole 30). It was a beautiful day, was’t it? I wish Ihad seen you — I was kind of lonely; only saw one family that I knew out of the thousands there. Were you the people with the helmet?

  2. Hey Paul. Yeah, it seems that we usually see you. I don’t think that any of us had a helmet of note.
    Next year, hopefully we’ll all be out there!

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