New shed, second day

The lead often gets buried, but there are several today. In chronological order:

The lead often gets buried, but there are several today. In chronological order:
A rainbow beckoned from the southwest, arching across open sky amidst the elm canopy. 6:30 and it was lihgt out, but still not quite enough to dispell the gray.
Then my neighbor, the thirty-something man still living at his mother’s house, the man I have diagnosed as untreated bipolar, hailed me from the front of his mother’s house as I was getting into my car across the street.
“David! David!”–more times than necessary. Very unusually to see him at this time of day; he’s definitely a night owl. He wanted me to move our van for his mother. The state of my relations with him have deteriorated to the point that if his mother wants me to move my car, she can ask me. I acknowledged his request an left. I don’t think he was very happy with my response.
At the Y, someone came into the room shouting to call 911, someone was having a heartattack on the other side of the building. The shouter left. The younger of the two womean at the desk grabbed a walkie-talkie and hailed Ron, the maintenance guy as she jeaded across the building. the shouter came back twice asking if anyone had any aspirin. I think he or someone literally asked “is there a doctor in the house?” He left and came back again and asked those of us still arranged on the various weight machines “do anyone know CPR?” Honestly, it has been a long time since I had a class.
And I thought about the Republican Convention and newspaper articles explaining anarchism. And I thought–a good anarchist would have kept up on his CPR training. A good anarchist wouldn’t rely on some istitution to come and save the day. Also, thought of the mouth condom things that D. has put in the firstaid kits in the cars, just in case you have to give some CPR. Didn’t see any sign of mouth to mouth condoms at the Y.
The EMTs did come, probably five minutes elapsed time. I pointed for them, to help direct them.
I went to the sauna. I left my folder on the counter by the desk because the folder racks were right by where all the commotion was.
Ron was calm. I suppose he’s seen many heart attacks.
At the boiler room/sauna, the young boiler guy says to the older boiler guy
-Did you see that guy?
-Only enough to see who it was.
-All purple and shit.
And later today I go to the Cutaseua Liesion Clinic to get my moles checked.
A day heavy with portends.
(Is that a word?)

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