State Fair

Liam and I went to the Minnesota State Fair today. Amazed at how long we stayed, from about 8:30 to 5:00. He was willing to stay longer then me. We walked all over the place. He was a great fair companion.

Being there in the morning is always a bonus because there are less people then later, but today especially because it was cool and cloudy. Very comfortable.
We ate our chocolate milkshakes in the Emporium Building will watching a video about recycling and so on featuring the character the Green Guardian–which is also a website. Not far from where we were sitting, a young woman, a contender for the crown of Princess Kay of the Milky Way, sat in a glass-encased, rotating refrigerator as an artist sculpted the likeness of her head in a ninety-pound block of butter.
At ten we sat outside and watched a Wisconsin Dells-like high-diving team. Very bizarre, that. Now that I think of those two things together, they’re sort of first and second place in midwest Americana weird.
We had some Sweet Martha chocolate chip cookies and then headed to the livestock barns. Lots of draft horses. Some of the horse farms have gotten so big that is like a corporatization of the barns, with long sections of stables now controlled by just a few farms.
Then to the Midway. Bumper cars. And L. trolling for a arcade sideshow. Tried a couple and lost, of course. But then we stopped at this magnetic fishing thing. Payed our tickets and they let us stay there until Liam caught something, amd the magnetized fake fish that he caught let him pick and of the stuffed animals that he wanted. So that is two years in a row that he has won something on the Midway. Charmed life.
We rode the sky-cable tram and the ski-lift like thing–that’s my favorite–a long, slow ride about thirty feet off the ground. We hung out around the lawn tractors, still one of L.’s favorites. Went into the Pet/dog building. He really loves dogs. Checked out the skate boarding park. Ate french fries sitting in a little set of aluminum bleachers waiting for someone to ride up one hundred or so feet in this cage thing and bungie jump out. An employee went up and did it to drum up business. Then the first customer of the day, “Steph,” went up, but they couldn’t get her to jump out and lowered the cage-thing back down to the ground.
He was entranced with the lumberjack demostration, the highlight of which was the guy who comically chainsaw speed sculpted a bunny.
After we got off the Space Tower, which takes you up maybe two hundred feet, there was Patrick E. I hadn’t seem him in, well, over twelve years. Sent him a christmas card last year though, the one ironically that was of us at the fair last year. So we’re going to Duluth in October and will try to connect with him.
His wife Nancy even remembered me, and certainly remembered D. And she told us about Al Franken speaking at the Dem’s booth at four, which I got hear some of before being pulled away by Liam.
One last observation: there seems to be an incredible number of overweight people with limbs amputated, some with oxygen tanks, in motorized wheelchairs. Scary. don’t know that it means anything.