D. and I had a bit of a rau (sp?) over the Gameboy that I bought for M. for her birthday. We had talked about it and had agreed that we’d get one but it would be shared among M., L., and I. I didn’t make a last minute change and gave it to M. with the proviso that she give L. free access to it. That didn’t even last a day. So, after some difficult negotiations, we’re back to the original plan. Of course there is more to the story, hopefully I will get to that later.

Things are heating up at work. Our group, by it’s nature, is usually at the tailend of humungo projects, and now the tail is coming our way with the updating or replacement of 30,000 PCs. Our tools, like our program on the mainframe, are leaking oil.
For my little piece, the servers we’ve been waiting for are going to be installed, hopefully Friday. (The guy who was going to do it went to hospital, so things are a bit up in the air.)
Energy-wise, this is a difficult time of year for me because of seasonal allergies. d. was most kind last as far as cooking and all the household stuff. The was much appreciated.
she presented me with the schedule for fall. I was hoping to keep Mondays clear because that is Tai Chi night, but D. works and M. has dance and soccer. So blocked off at the pass.

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  1. Well mondays could still be available.. you could look at it in a different fashion .. it is all a possiblity. same time different channel..

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