Lifted. My sleep schedule is alll goofed up. I felf like I was up most of the night. I was still downstairs at midnight, up just after six. Either this is a healthy new schedule or a sign of trouble. Not sure which. Even took three of those Shaklee Valarien things.

Back down today to my lowest weight in the modern era. That even after going out to lunch with the boys to Charlie’s and having a cheeseburger, fries, and a malt. Then at home D. had made a wonder SB of fish and veggies. But then I had to make something for the children and I made hamburgers and had one of those too.
Brought a lunch, water, thermos of coffee, but forgot the cup of coffee. Hence drinking Nina’s.
Last night when I couldn’t sleep, VPN’d into work and copied some of Pete’s PHP into my dave directory. It was a pretty easy thing to set up the welcome page, login page, ad a first page to start doing something. I was thinking about setting up a webpage that could be used to check things out of PVCS–the php for our developer’s website, for instance, which is why I would have to set it up seperately. Then I realized that I would have to set up a PVCS client o the web server, which is a little twisted.