Yesterday was my sixth anniversary at the bank. I tried to rally the boys for a beer after work, even got the go ahead from Val for everyone to leave a bit early if there was nothing pressing. Sadly, the whole day had pressing crap in it for everyone, and at three, people still had stuff to do. It was an ominous sign that lunch was delayed earlier in the day.

MENTAL HEALTH check-in: I think I am doing pretty well (at work at least) in that I tried to get folks to go out for a beer. Also, there was majorly something wrong, something had blown up on the mainframe after some code that I migrated got there, but I think I dealt with that a lot better the I might have in the past. Wasn’t my fault, didn’t take things personally, just helped in getting it fixed.
Driving to work yesterday, Future Tense was talking to a company BuzzMetrics which mines blogs and other internet activity for consumer opinions about products. “Word of mouth” used to be more difficult to gauge then now with ARCHIVED and PUBLIC things like blogs. Hmmm.
D. took the kids to her sister Theresa out in the country where they swam, kayaked, and fished. Therefore after work, I decided to go to IKEA, check it out, and have Swedish meatballs in their restaraunt. It is huge, and it is like any other furniture show room, with people sitting on couchs, in the model rooms imagining what this would look like in their house. I saw a strong parallel to these people sitting in the furniture store imagining and a co-worker’s mentally handicapped daughter. He had just come by my cube before I left, explaining that he’d be working from home tomorrow, and kind of went on, which he does, and I felt prompted to ask him why. Tuerned out, to take care of his handicapped child (who is 16).
He explained that he is able to get work done because she will spend time sitting on the floor with blocks. She’ll construct them into something and then just sit there and look at them. He suggested that she may be imagining.