Lepold Bloom goes for a bike ride

Dunn Brothers. Across from the old Post Office, 1900-ish Federal style, St. Cloud-gray granite. The red-brick Milkwaukee Road Depot behind me. This building, whatever it was, has a cornerstone–1879.

Left home about 8:00; biked to work and got the Audible player that I had left in the pocket of the jacket that I had left in the wardrobe of my cubicle. Continued listing to Ulysses.
Across the Mississippi on the Highway 5 bridge–walked my bike down the steps to get to the bridge at one end, and then back up some steps at the other end to arrive that the level of Fort Snelling. The original bridges would have gone directly across–the 1915 bridge (the “new bridge” until 1962) and the 1880 bridge.
I did determine how to get from Riverbank to the Fort Snelling lightrail stop. Then I biked up the old rail grade from the riverbank base of the fort to Minnehaha Falls Park. Turned and following the bike path upstream along Minnehaha Parkway, under Nicollet Aveneu, underInterstate 35W to Lake Harriet. Didn’t see the elf/littleguy/fairie door as I whizzed by to Lake Calhoun where the bicycle/rollerblade/pedestrian traffic had picked by the 10:00 time of my appearance. Others coming out to enjoy the mid-August yet autumn like morning.
A bit of casting about was required to find the bike trail into downtown Minneapolis whose skyline was the back drop for the fishing boats and singular sailboats trying to catch a breeze on Lake Calhoun. The day–lazy, half-cocked and likely to stay that way.
Pondering the “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” thing about my son and the possible orthodontic work he’s going to need. Possible jaw surgery. Being in grade school, junior high and having a bunch of external hardware hanging on his face. All of which may or may not be helpful in the long run–first medical opinion. One of my brothers also has a pretty serious under bite, and I have a twenty-two year-old neice that is due for jaw surgery. The ugly, the dark side, of the gene pool. I am thnking that I will want to meet him in heaven. I feel bad.
So now I am at the coffeeshop. I have called home twice, but haven’t heard anything from M. When I finish up here, I will get on the light rail.
Yesterday, I got M. to go with me over to Uptown in Minneapolis and we rented a tandem bicycle. It went pretty well; we went all the way around Calhoun and Harriet. I can understand that being the second person with the front person’s butt in your face may not be the best.
Wasn’t too long after we returned that M. walked over to her friend’s house (where they were having a yard sale), another friend joined them, and then I picked them up and took them all to the Mall to see Princess Diaries II (one and a half stars, but who’s counting?) Whilst they were in the movie, I was in Barnes and Noble with my laptop and a book on Java Server Pages. (I bought the book and will bill it to my work.)
And, after that, D., M,, M’s friend E., and I went to watch the Minnesota Thunder professional men’s soccer team play their last home game of the season at their new home, the Central High School football field. Kind of pathetic digs, but hopefully a great idea, that of being more urban than there former home which was in the far northern suburbs. When the PA announced a long list of prize winners and their towns, the suburbs where heavily represented, ten to one name listed as from Minneapolis