Friday 13th

Friday. Cable DSL works now. The first guy, 30 installs per 15 hour day–that one didn’t work. Second guy came out and replaced all cable in the house, probably all the way back to the pole. The house cable was from 1980. Wouldn’t work–probably one-way or something. Said the first guy would be fired. Doubt that. We were definitely the kind of except ion that the first guy–he’s got it right–he, independent contractor, paid by the job–literally couldn’t afford to worry about.

We lost our bargain for cable TV though–this may also explain why when we signed up for cable about two years ago that the guy couldn’t figure out how to give us the basic service that we were requesting and the public stations that were a part of that. His solution: give service two levels up for the cost of basic. Well, that is gone now. We really do have basic. the kids are pissed. But I am relieved; now I don’t have to worry about the MTVs, VH1s, E!s, Travel Channels. They just aren’t there.
When I came into the Y, Ron the maintenance guy, was sitting behind the counter. “Good morning, Dave.” Wow, he knows my name. But, I have been coming here for six years, I thought.
Then later in the locker room, two naked guys were talking about Lake Superior, star gazing, and the moon, and how it is the 13th.
Oh, my sixth anneversary at the bank is coming up. The longest I have been in one job, in one place. And I do the litany; seven years after college working with handicapped people; three years teaching (if I count subbing); four years in the bindery in Long Prairie; now, six. Ah, Jesus, it hit me: twenty yeears. I have been working twenty years! After an an extended, Breaking Away-like adolescence.
Back to the Y, after greeting me by name, Ron said “fancy hat,” commenting on my Panama. And I guess it is a fancy hat. Lord knows that I paid enough for so that it should be.