Living a Seinfeld episode

I am apparently living a Seinfeld episode, or so people tell me though I have never seen it. For DSL hasn’t worked for three weeks. Yesterday there was an appointment for Covad to come and check the lines in my house, 8-12. 12:30, hadn’t shown up or called, and D. took off. the guy left a message on our answering machine at 1:10. In the Seinfeld episode, Kramer calls for repair service everyday and is never home. D. and A. are contemplating a trip to Spain. D. told me about it. I told A.’s spouse. “What’d you that for?” D. asked. Oh well.

My way to a psych appt at 8:30. Been off Lexapro for 3 weeks. Mildly manic, I imagine. Didn’t even eat my lunch yesterday which is way out of bounds for me. I imagine that the drug took the edge off my usual cantankerous self. Like my old ex- J. said 20 years, she liked me better when I was stoned. But I didn’t like me better when I was stoned. hence the ex- thing, I imagine.