Laughing Planet Cafe and Soma Coffee Shop

–“no corporate aftertaste.” Patio furniture–the bases of the tables are crankshafts.
This picture makes an encore appearance. I first posted it to my schons/blogspot site last winter. Other friends were visiting down in Bloomington around New Year’s and we got a letter with this picture enclosed, but not much else for concrete description.
And it would have remained that way, except that Mary asked me after I’d been there if I’d seen the bathrooms. No I didn’t, and my lose.
Am on my bike. Rode throught the campuse which is very beautiful. (As always with campuses, especially good since there aren’t any students there. Ended up riding out to the east side of town. There’s a mall area, a Circuit City–so maybe I can find out about my dead laptop battery–and an Old Navy–that’ll spin Madeline’s crankshaft. She loves Old Navy. And back here. Recommended by M. while we were taking our walking tour of campus/downtown.

I sat in the public library yesterday and tidied up the blog a bit. Madeline checked her email and got a message from Celine. Got the video Sound of Music. Somehow that seems appropriate being in Indiana. We’re in Breaking Away country, so I should be more up on that. And I just had some wonderful zuchini bread–also no corporate aftertaste.
Now there are little birds hopping around at my feet, but I have already put my endings into the trash. I am back on decaf. And done with Lexapro. Was thinking that maybe I would be helped by antianxiety meds. The battery of the digital camera is done, otherwise I would have a picture of the coffee shop.
Liam and I went over to the pool from five to seven. Hung out. Towards the end when it started to thin out–though there weren’t that many there to begin with–he went over to the floating shark. When of the group of older boys who was over there–probably twelve-year olds–and I helped him up at first; then he was able to get up on the tail on his own. It was a bucking bronco kind of thing–once up there, it was hard to stay on. Then he was interested in the water slide, but when we got to the top, the lifeguards wouldn’t let him go down–turns out he needed to have bought a wristband. So the divingboard finally looked interesting. After some hesitation, he got up the three-step ladder, walked out as far as he could still holding on to the rails, though about it some more, gingerly made his way to the end, contemplated for a beat, another beat, beat, then just sort of fell forward rather than jumped. Knees, stomach, and face hit the water. After that, he went back again and again until the pool closed.
Nevada Burr “Death something-or-other (Lake) Superior” is what Mary’s reading. I continue with Black Betty by Mosley.
After swimming, dinner on the porch. Salad, sauted vegetables, chicken, wine. There was a bottle on the table as I came out with my food. So I headed in to get a glass. Wen I returned, the bottle was empty in front of D. who looked at me, looked at my glass, the empty wine bottle, her now full glass, and laughed and laughed some more. It might have had something to do with that my hair was sticking up from swimming. Not sure. But she went and opened the second bottle.
I wasn’t done eating or drinking, so I stayed behind while everyone else went back over to the park to catch the end of the folk music concert that was going on. Lia–“wait for me!” as he gobbled a couple more mouthfulls of noodles before retrieving his Subway Kid’s Pak frisbee and soccerball. When I was finished, turned on some tunes on the laptop and did the dishes (some of them) and settled into the futon to read. That was pretty much it.