I just don’t evaporate well in this kind of weather

I have a psych appt on Thursday and am going to suggest going off Lexapro. I am doing about as well as I can. Sort of state industries in China, too heavily propped up, in my case by D., but doing well all the same.

There is a concern for me that my co-workers are ging golfing on Saturday and my back still hurts from going golfing with Tom and Bill. So, neither do I want to hurt my back nor do I want to isolate myself from my co-workers. I am thinking about whether I can do nine instead of all 18.
My children and their visiting from Michigan cousins are going rafting with their Aunt Rose on Minnehaha today. Yesterday was the Mall of America. Thursday is Valleyfair amusement park. I have asked for the day off so I can go to the Twins game.
This is day eight of South Beach. I am down eight pounds, a pretty dramatic rate but already leveling off. Again, D adn I are cooking and eating together, which we haven’t done for years.
There was, also from the sunday paper, St. Paul’s I think, an article about medical imaging and how it is finding things inside of people other than what it is looking for, which is what happened to me, gave me a whole different outlook on what’s going on.