Little League at the Saints

Went to the Saints game yesterday a la Liam’s Little League. That was great though I remembered that I hate sitting out in the bleachers, which is where the little leaguers were congregated. Not so much because of the crummy view as because of the people, I guess. I just feel crowded. Near one of the men’s bathrooms is a quote something like–there is an inverse relationship to the price of the ticket and baseball knowledge of the holder.

Whatever. Something like. I was saving seats for D. and the two boys who’d gone to the concession stand. Several adults and a bunch of their children came in and took places on the benches. I, and actually several other people around me as well, said that “these seats are taken” and the people sat down anyway. They didn’t leave much for the returnees to sit. So I turned to the lady across the all too small gap and said “these seats are taken and they are FAT people.” “Oh, you didn’t tell me that.” A while later she was talking on someone else’s cellphone, then left. A while after that a rather large man with some more kids came and sat down and took pretty much all the remaining space. When D. returned, I was more than ready to leave. Not to mention while I was trying to help keep other people out of the little league seats, I almost got hit by a ball. But all that not withstanding, it was a beautiful day and great to be at an outdoor ballgame.
I start oncall this week. Need to see if someone will switch a day with me for Thursday so that I can go to the Twins. Some bits from the Sunday paper. McDonald’s now has call centers taking orders for the drive up windows. There was an article and maps about the 210 TV markets that the country is divided up into. So, while it is electorate votes and states that win elections, the battles are being fought in TV markets, like Cheney being in Duluth, which is effectively the capital of the NE MN TV market.