Slides, cigars, golf

No watch and I can’t see the clock, but I think 7:40 is a good guess. Swam 22 laps this morning, though looked like it took 28 minutes, so pretty slow. Very, very poor according to the chart, I am sure.
Dorothea and children returned from Bemidji late yesterday afternoon. Cold and raining up there, and now we’re back to cold and rainy here again.
I hit a large bucket of balls at Highland yesterday. For the driver, I am standing way behind the ball. But it seems to be working. Got and smoked a cigar from Stogies on Grand. This time a CAO Golden Honey. Smoked it in the back yard.
Got started on scanning the photos that we brought home. And D. found a bunch more of old black and whites. So, with those and some from the slides, I should be good.