Bloom’s day

Heard a commentator on public radio talking about James Joyce’s Ulysses, how today is Bloom’s day, June 15, the date in the story. She had several good comments regarding the readability of the thing–skip to chapter three, the beginning of the bit about Bloom, or start at the end, which is the bit about Molly.
When I got home I went up to the attic to look for the paperback copy of Ulysses that I used to have, and maybe still did. I looked through all the boxes of books in the attic that I could find; no Ulysses.
So this led my impulsive self to, after Madeline’s soccer game, go to the library. As to her soccer game, she did great. Started out as goalie, something she typically willingly volunteers for because it means she doesn’t have to run up and down the field. Followed by her playing defense, her second favorite since one doesn’t have to run very far, comparatively. But, after a while on defense, she got the ball and dribbled it all the way up the field to the opposition goal, may even have taken a shot. Said she was bored with defense, asked the coach to put her in as offense. Unheard of.
Anyway, back to the book. Ulysses wasn’t on the shelve as either hardcover or paperback. Asked the reference librarian. She found that the computer said that Highland branch had a copy, but we’d have to hustle over there to make it before that library closed.
We made it. Madeline certainly was perplexed. I walked into the library, turned to toward the reference desk and barely got out the words “Merriam Park library sent me…” and the guy handed me a hard copy of Ulysses. Eureka!
Then, oddly, when I went ot check it out, the computer didn’t work for that book. So the librarian wrote it down on a postit note, “July 7” which I am using as a bookmark.