Block party avoidance

Took a shower at the Y today because the basement is full of girls that Madeline invited over to conincide with the block party. So things were pretty crazy–girls with water balloons, boys with super soaker squirt guns. I left with the intention of going to my work to pick up a book and my headphones, but once there, suddenly became very interested in this particular task that I had been avoiding–everything just fell into place and I sat and worked on it for a couple of hours. Hmmm?
In the NYT Mag, an interview with Alice Walker’s daughter–and one thing that she said was that if you just let culture happen to you, you will end up fat, broke, and alone. Then there was an article about the books and movies–Super Size Me, Moore’s 9/11, that are anti- what? establishment? corporate? but yet are exploiting and making money from the system. It is such an all inclusive system. You want to rebel? how about a Che Gueverra t-shirt?