Who would Jesus bomb?

As the bumpersticker of the day.
Did a one hour bike ride this morning–a lofroop m my house to the Franklin Street bridge, the Ford Parkway bridge and home again.
Bush is looking pretty bad on the war thing, especially if the Pope is chastising him on it, considering the church’s low bar on the war thing. So apparently the US war in Iraq is not even meetiing the just war doctrine.
So for a todo list I have cut the grass, call Mary about using her saws-all to cut up the swingset, get going on my mom’s pictures for her ninetieth party, get the video off Martha’s carmera (stumped). Just had the idea of posting a todo. Hmm. What a delicious deversion. Also, from the world of work–getting all of Eric’s workstation code on my test server, finishing the bit for the wboot webpage that lists that last time that the whopu_01 table has been updated from John’s files.