Sauna, coffeeshop

Nina’s. Talked, in the sauna, to te woman who I imagine as being from the Phillipines, and who I thought was an academic. Turns out she’s a banker. A banker who rides the bus to work, which, in this metro area, is saying a lot.
Last night I watched Master and Commander, and ending up enjoying it immensely. I can only think that it was historically accurate, or hope so. Probably historians and experts just chortle, but I guess I prefer not to know.
Ah, Dennis the trainer has come in and is buying two Naked Protein Zone juices, just what I am having. I am trying to have two of those a day, a cafeteria lunch (salad, or, like yesterday, brocolli and almond stir fry.) Topped off with a bowl of high fiber cereal. Hmm. I have had one of the two juices–the empty bottle is on the table in front of me–and I am hungry. Anyway, I am hoping to focus totally on not overeating at home, which, to me, means being extremely inward. Hence why I abandoned all last night and watched the movie.
And so too later in the evening after Dorothea brought Liam back from his soccer game and said to me “you put him to bed” was orchestrating from my bed. “Are you still alive in there?”–me, from bed, querying him, in the bath. Early when Dorothea, downstairs, yelled up “call your son” so I did, though with a lack of conviction that drew laughs from M., who was on the couch watching TV with D., and it was the TV that was slowing Liam down.