Biked home from work in the rain

It has rained 14 of the last 17 days or something like that, so a co-worker told me today. This morning though was a clear blue sky and about 45 degrees, so I decided ot brave riding my bike to work, which was great. I did get drizzled on a bit, even all-out rained on a bit, on the ride home. But it was okay. And my overwhelming feeling about the rain is that it has been rejuvenating, recharging. We have been in a drought for about a year, I think.

The sports season has begun. I took Liam to his first soccer practice last night, and tonight there was a Madeline soccer game (Dorothea) and a Liam first baseball practice (me.) Both evenings were just beautiful. Tis the season of the cotton dandilion puffs.
One of Liam’s coachs is an elementary teacher guy, outgoing, struck up conversations. The other guy that was sitting there in a folding camp chair like I was turns out he’s studying to be a nurse. Said that it was his “retirement job.” What a concept.
And the elementary teacher guy has twin boys on the team, and was talking to a mom about premature babies, which apparently his kids are her kid where, and if I understood him right, he wrote a book on the subject. Want I thought was, damn, people are actually talking interesting stuff.