typical day

Early on today, I thought that describing what I did and went through would be a good resume kind of thing.

This is what I do….
First thing, I checked the two software releases that went this past weekend and that I was responsible for. I did this by using what we call a “3270 screen” on my PC. This is a terminal program that lets me “talk’ to the mainframe.
Immediately after that, still using the 3270, I did some ftp’ing and JCL editing. My object was to run a set of JCLs (basically, JCL are programs that tell the mainframe what to do) that would copy and move database entries and associated files from one area of the mainframe to another.
I edited the JCLs that I had gotten from my co-worker and ran them, which produced an output file which needed to be FTP’d to another “LPAR” (whatever that is) on the mainframe. This activity essentially took up my entire morning, but was successful in the end.
There were long stretchs of waiting time while files and code were being moved around on host. So I also made some trips to the lab to work on building a server. This a Windows 2003 server, which is the hot new thing, at least for us at the bank. I had attempted to get this server working last Friday, but the install kept failing.
After looking at problem with the developer who is building the server image, he noted that there were bugs in some scripts written by someone in Cincinatti. We hoped they’d be fixed by Monday, today. In hindsight I now realize that they had been fixed, but that just moved us on to the next set of problems.
These troubles are that the hardware we set up last fall for our test lab using Windows 2000 is now not sufficient for the requirements of 2003. So, stuck again for awhile.
I was oncall today because I had traded a day with a coworker. This caught me off guard. “Who are you handing that pager to?” I asked the oncall guy from last week, not understanding, until he remined me of switch that I had agreed to.
In the afternoon, I worked on PHP scripting for a web site for the testing that I’ll be doing soon on the new application that my group will be getting. What I accomplished was the display in a html table of a long list gotten by a query to a database, and the ability to display 20 from the list at a time with a next and a previous button.