Dorothea back, diner

Dorothea was home as of yesterday. She had made a dinner date at friend’s house, which was great, but had forgotten about it, and it took a huge effort to resteer my ship. The friend even commented on how tired we all looked. But we had a great time as usual. I want a trapset, and a place to play it. (They have a nice kit in their basement.) Maybe I should get an electronic one.
Today is the recital and we have to go get a tape to put in a borrowed video camera.
I am going to go for the development of a PHP testing site. I am siting in the diningroom now as Liam and Anders play on the other computer and Madeline makes crepes in the kitchen.

Another thing that I was thinking of. R. the project manager, who I consider a PM zen master, and who was brought in for the newest conversion with the mostest unmeetable deadlines, is apparently gone, presumably because he told the emperor he was naked. This is a bad sign for the project.
My thought on R. is that if you tell him clearly what you want to accomplish, he’ll tell you how long and how much it will take, and deliver a proven methodology to get there. And there will be a bulletproof solution at the end. It is my guess from the four times in the last six years that I have seen him lead projects that management often doesn’t like the when and how. They’d like it quicker and cheaper. Because of these issues, this would be the second time he has left a project. It is my estimate that the supposed time and costs savings will not be realized. Perhaps there will be a short-term illusion, but in the long run…
So I have my headphones on. I am going to delve into working on my testing site. Bye.
My approach to programming more the Iron Chef idea–give me an idea, and I will attack, seeing as far ahead as I can.