Computer class

With the other half of my group from work, taking a class in Microsoft 2003 server. So far it has been OS/2, NT, Windows 2000, and now 2003. Makes me want to know Linux better.
All the classes have been in the same building in Edina, though the name of the training company is different each time. Same company, but different.
Getting there is a description in futility. The freeway was easy. But then one has to get off at the right exit, cut across five lanes of traffic to make a left-hand turn. That didn’t work. Then the location is a classic suburban office complex, so finding the right entrance to the maze of parking lots and then the right address took awhile.
Once in the building, hitting the stairwell because the rooms are on the second floor–I get to “3” before realizing that I had come in on the correct floor, however that worked.
The instructor is moving fast, which is good, except when I have to try and find something on the computer that’s new to me and I can’t keep up.
Went to lunch with my two co-workers, glad that one of them is willing to drive, cause I don’t want to. At the Chinese restaraunt, in the cafeteria-style line, co-worker points out that I should pickup silverware which I didn’t see. (I would have been save because they had silverware at the end, too.)
Was up at six this morning, first time in a long time, and so I actually have time to go to the Y. Sauna and whirlpool probably. Monday I went there just so I could shave. Hmmm. Gotta exercise more!