Triplets of Belleville

Dorothea’s friend recommended the film Triplets of Belleville, said apparently that she had taken her children and that they enjoyed it. (The Village Voice has an article about the film.)
Not much–no?–dialogue except the occasional French utterance and the constant theming of the title song Belleville Rendez-vous. But great, imaginative, and bit violent and risque–PG-13 is seemingly a bit much for our children sometimes.
I like the Village Voice article because it mentions another similar movie, Hukkle, and reminds me that I have to see Iron Giant.

One thought on “Triplets of Belleville”

  1. Thought it interesting that you enjoyed the Triplets of Belleville. I went as a chaperone with the French class from our high school. Was not quite what I expected. As you said no dialogue was a surprise. I was expecting a little French for the French class, as I assume you were expecting for your kids. Was a little quirky, but fun.

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