Just made reservations for fly to Paris in October using frequent flier miles. Yipee! It’ll be Madeline and me. We were sitting around, Madeline, Dorthea, and I, and it was, well, Madeline, if you hand me the phone I will call and see. Just sort of on a whim–but it has also been on our radar. We have tried multiple times, most recently to travel to Paris this past spring using our frequent flyer miles, with no success. But this time, it worked. Just barely.
Liam got a baseball glove yesterday. Now he and Shea are playing a highly modified, two-person game of baseball. I just looked back to check and the little brother from across the street is back there too. Don’t know how he got there. Does anyone miss him? He and the big boys are throwing a baseball into a hole that Liam and another kid dug in our back yard.
Dorothea and Madeline left to go buy Madeline some shoes. She is just rolling in the dough. She did her first official babysitting job yesterday. I expect that she will be in high demand.
A beer and booking a trip to Paris have done wonders for my mood.

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  1. Happy Paris to you.. I know that you and Madeline would enjoy this immensely.. You will enjoy visiting Celine as well.. I am glad these sort of things give you happiness. Just as the baseball game.. you didn’t talk much about that.. why? Paris, baseball, little boy in the backyard.. all part of the full life you lead sir david

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