“The Bohemian” by William-Adolphe Bouguereau will have been auctionrf off by now by the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Sounds like maybe the painting was too low-brow for the board of directors. (And has been, apparently, for it has been ten years since the painting has been on display.) Especially odd since it has been and enormously popular work, generating sales in the gift shop for postcards, calendars, and the like. Too bad.

Also in the news today, Best Buy is outsourcing it’s IT department. About six hundred people will be offered “comparable” positions with the outsourcing company, apparently for less pay and benefits.
Ron the project manager is back. That is like a ray of sunshine. He is so good. This is for the centralizing and standardizing of the back-office PCs. His cubicle is in the area much vacated by the people who won’t be needed anymore as this progresses. He is so beautiful, talking about watching Builder Bob with his grandson. “We can build this.” In response to my dark cloud comment about if centralize and standardize things enough, our (as in my) jobs will go th India, he said let’s not talk about that. Focus on the project; “we can build it.” He’s going to try and get Karl back too.
Also, JH is getting married in September. Boy, am I out of the loop!

One thought on “Bohemian”

  1. Dear D:
    Well, why do I love this picture so much.. Is the bare feet or violin or longing look in her eyes for some excitement.. bring it on kind of look.. The colors are my hue and the water and sky look warm.. It brings pleasure to me..
    I wish they wouldn’t sell it.. It is my favorite as well. Even though I haven’t seen it for 10 years as well. they would bring it out during the christmas holidays years on back.

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